The Montagne Bourbonnaise

The Montagne Bourbonnaise

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The Montagne Bourbonnaise has a continental climate. This means fairly severe winters and warm, dry summers.In the summer the temperature lies between 25ºC and 35ºC. A cooling mountain breeze ensures that it’s always comfortable.

Spring and autumn are always very mild. Temperatures of 21ºC at the end of October are not exceptional. The hills with a multitude of beech groves change in a coloured palette and ensure a splendid display of colour. The Montagne Bourbonnaiseare middle range mountains which start at an altitude of 500 meters and rise to a maximum of 1287 meters at the summit of the Puy de Montoncel. The region has ample facilities for sports, both in summer and in winter. Thus, St. Nicolas des Biefs (10 minutes from La Chabanne) features a few wonderful rocks to be climbed. The woods of the Montagne Bourbonnaise are ideal for long walks and quite heavy mountain bike trips. In winter the hills are ideal for winter sports. There are numerous cross country ski trails and a ski resort.

La loge des gardes

At 10 km from La Chabanne you will find la Loge des Gardes. This small ski resort (1200 m) has a few ski lifts and gentle slopes. An ideal spot for beginners and children. In summer you can not only walk and mountain bike, but also bob sleigh (even for small children). For the real adventurers there are special bikes and skate boards to go down the green trail.

Plan d'eau

The reservoir lake Plan d'Eau, has facilities for sports, such as canooing and water biking. Plan d’Eau is situated at about 7 km from La Chabanne. It is a nice spot to while away the day for families with children. There is a vast grassy area where you can settle down and a small playground. Also, there are clean toilets and a small bar.


Our village Châtel Montagne, is certainly worth a visit. The beautiful Romanesque church can also be admired on the inside. Some twelve artists open their atelier to you every day. You can see the glass blower, the painter or the cabinet maker at work. The Maison de Patrimoine organises several exhibitions during the year. On the top floor there is a permanent exhibition about the history and restoration of the church.


For more art and culture, or just a day of shopping, there is Vichy. An attractive town with scores of architect’s jewels. Vichy– or little Paris – is known for its thermal baths, a few luxury ones of which you find in the city centre. And of course it is a pleasure to walk in the beautiful park, and have a drink on the banks of the river Allier.

Côte Roannaisse

Our house wine comes from the vineyards in the Côte Roannaisse, a wine growing area on the eastern slopes of the Montagne Bourbonnaise, at about 20 minutes by car from La Chabanne. Its is a beautiful area with lots of villages and many winegrowers where you can taste the regional wines.

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